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Working with long term clients that stick with us through thick and thin is a unique and rewarding experience. Such is the case with Classic Studios, who we’ve worked with creating branding, print material & websites (yes, more than one!) since the very early days of their development. 

After much experience and expansion they have set themselves apart as one of the most popular and prolific sources of musical education in the area and it is a joy to be continuing to journey along with them to wherever the soundwaves may lead!

Seeing The Forest Through The Keys

Branding can be a tricky thing. It’s easy to get lost in the tiny nit-picky details or become married to an idea or concept that just doesn’t resonate with the client’s vision. Sometimes you just need to step back and focus on the bigger picture.

Nailing down the logo for Classic Studios took exactly that. Many ideas and iterations were introduced and discarded before the guiding concept was brought to light: “Can’t See The Forest For The Keys”. The final version of the logo pretty much designed itself from there. Funny how that works isn’t it?

Tune In To An Immersive & Intuitive Experience

Like the experience of watching a master musician play with effortless ease, navigating a website should be as immersive as it is intuitive. We went to great lengths to ensure that this one checked off all the boxes while remaining in tune with the client’s grand vision.

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David Smith

Web & Graphic Designer

Hi my name is David, I originate from across the pond in the Mighty UK. When I’m not tapping away on a keyboard and staring into pixels, I like to work with my hands and butcher some wood, have a glass eye for amazing landscapes, wrestle with my rambunctious boys at home & occasionally mix it up on the Wheels of Steel. I love the constraints of design & thrive providing solutions to all kinds of problems, so challenge me… I dare you!

Fun Fact About Me

I met the queen, she is very small.

Nathan Labrecque

Web & Graphic Designer

Hey I’m Nathan, a graduate from MacEwan University’s Design & Digital Media Program with a passion for all forms of creative expression. Visual harmony invigorates me as much as its musical counterpart, and nothing floats my boat quite like a functional, intuitive, and tastefully designed digital experience… although cheesy catch-phrases and alliteration do come frighteningly close. When I’m not bending a plethora of pixels to my will, you’ll be sure to find me playing or listening to music, spending time with my wife & son, and sampling a tasty craft brew or two.

Fun Fact About Me

I spent a year living in Hollywood, California to attend music school for drum performance and if given the chance, I WILL talk your ear off about obscure progressive rock & metal bands.

Clark Park


As an obtainer of rare antiquities, I am enthusiastic about anything made in the ‘30s – ‘40s. When not in the office designing and coding for various projects, I can be found in remote jungles or lost cities looking for valuable treasures. In my down time, you just might spot me hovering around Edmonton fighting crime.

Fun Fact About Me

I worked as an illustrator for The Simpsons in South Korea before moving to Canada.