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Our Services

3…2…1… LIFT-OFF! We offer a cosmic array of digital design & marketing services that are sure to take your business to infinity, and… well, you know the rest!

Web Design & Development

Bespoke, comprehensive website solutions custom designed & built to suit your unique needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Turbocharge your website traffic & online presence with our specialized optimization services.

Managed Web Services

Get rid of headaches and hidden costs with our in-house web hosting & management services.

Graphic Design & Branding

Creative design services focused on building your brand & crafting a consistent visual identity.

Product Label Design

Make your products pop off the shelves with custom designed, innovative, eye-catching labels.


Take advantage of our in-house photography services to ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

Why Choose Us?

Trusted In Our Community & Beyond

We are honored to have had our contribution to the local business community recognized by a number of reputable sources and organizations. Through years of consistent and quality work we feel we have earned the collective trust of our community and clients alike.

A Telescopic Eye For Design

To us, design is much more than making things look pretty, following trendy fads, or churning out cookie-cutter templates. We are firm believers in quality over quantity and function over fluff, and will boldly go where no designer has gone before and explore the outer limits of our imaginations to find the right solution for every situation, every time. 

InterStellar Support

A local and loyal support team is an invaluable asset, especially one that excels at real-time, mission critical troubleshooting & problem solving. As a division of PlanetCom Managed IT, we have access to industry leading technical resources right at our fingertips. Add us to your arsenal of business-building tools and see firsthand the difference it can make.

Mindfully Managed

As a small ship navigating the vast expanse of the business world, our clients are akin to crewmates and we go above and beyond to take care of our own. Communication is key, and here at PC Mission Control we make every effort to reach out and keep in touch with everything from project updates & milestones to potential service interruptions & scheduled downtime to ensure your experience is smooth and seamless.

Small Yet Mighty

We may be small, but our tight-knit, talented crew is a unique combination of creative & technically minded individuals with decades of combined experience, so when we put our collective minds together, even the most intergalactic goals are within reach!

Our Work

We shoot for the moon with every mission we launch. Venture forth and explore. 

Our Crew




Web & Graphic Designer

Our Interplanetary Partners

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M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm

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Clark Park


As an obtainer of rare antiquities, I am enthusiastic about anything made in the ‘30s – ‘40s. When not in the office designing and coding for various projects, I can be found in remote jungles or lost cities looking for valuable treasures. In my down time, you just might spot me hovering around Edmonton fighting crime.

Fun Fact About Me

I worked as an illustrator for The Simpsons in South Korea before moving to Canada.

Nathan Labrecque

Web & Graphic Designer

Hey I’m Nathan, a graduate from MacEwan University’s Design & Digital Media Program with a passion for all forms of creative expression. Visual harmony invigorates me as much as its musical counterpart, and nothing floats my boat quite like a functional, intuitive, and tastefully designed digital experience… although cheesy catch-phrases and alliteration do come frighteningly close. When I’m not bending a plethora of pixels to my will, you’ll be sure to find me playing or listening to music, spending time with my wife & son, and sampling a tasty craft brew or two.

Fun Fact About Me

I spent a year living in Hollywood, California to attend music school for drum performance and if given the chance, I WILL talk your ear off about obscure progressive rock & metal bands.

We eagerly await your incoming transmission...


M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm

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Project Parameters
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David Smith

Web & Graphic Designer

Hi my name is David, I originate from across the pond in the Mighty UK. When I’m not tapping away on a keyboard and staring into pixels, I like to work with my hands and butcher some wood, have a glass eye for amazing landscapes, wrestle with my rambunctious boys at home & occasionally mix it up on the Wheels of Steel. I love the constraints of design & thrive providing solutions to all kinds of problems, so challenge me… I dare you!

Fun Fact About Me

I met the queen, she is very small.